Broadway, West End and Regional Theatre Closures: My Thoughts

It really is with a heavy heart that I find myself writing such a piece on theatre. I really didn’t think this day would ever come. I know there are bigger and more pressing issues to worry about with the Coronavirus outbreak, but I couldn’t not write a piece on my thoughts.

A few days ago I posted on Instagram about how upset I was to see the closure of Broadway, and soon after the West End and Regional theatres followed suit. While I am sad from a personal level by not being able to go and see my favourite shows, the concern runs much deeper.

My heart goes out to every single member of the theatre community affected by this. Yes of course the actors, but all the unsung heroes of theatre now out of work. The FOH staff, backstage crew, creatives, marketers, freelancers, designers and the long list of people who work so hard for such a beautiful and creative industry. I hope that every single member who has and will be financially affected by the closure of their art, remains on their feet and finds the support they need.

From the large productions on Broadway and the West End who have had to close, to productions such as Zorro in the UK who didn’t quite make it to opening, I am nothing short of devestated by the whole news.

What we must remember is to be vigilant, strong and a community. All the actions being taken across the world are for our own safety and in these darker times we must look to support each other. In addition, we have to all remember that this is for the greater good and hopefully will aid the health of you, me, and the rest of the world!

I work in the theatre indsutry myself, and without disclosing company secrets, I can tell you that working in the industry is just as scary as looking in. We don’t know anymore than you do, but we do feel the real strain on the indsutry, as many tourist and leisure industries will.

Over the next coming days I hope to post some more blogs on the best ways to help the theatre indsutry at the moment, the theatre content you can access from your own homes and other stagey ways to keep you entertained!

I know lots of websites such as WhatsOnStage will have already published this type of content, please check it out if you haven’t already! WhatsOnStage have already produced some amazing content since the theatre shut down, so if you’re bored of quarantine already, have a look at their latest news and quizzes. But please also continue to check back here as OneWomanWestEndShow, although she hasn’t written in months, will still be here for all your stagey needs!

And finally remember, you are not alone.

Image taken from The Theatre Cafe’s Instagram.


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