Review: Saturday Supper Clwb at Wales Millennium Centre

Saturday Supper Clwbs are described as “your brand-new Saturday out” hosted by Wales Millennium Centre, and through my experience I can certainly say that it was a fun one!

The premise of a “Supper Clwb” is simple – guests receive their food, drink and entertainment for one fixed price and in one lovely location.

The entertainment varies between different cabaret themes, and of course I went to the musical theatre night!

Saturday Supper Clwb
Photo taken from WMC website

On arrival we each had a Bellini cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic at our discretion) and were asked if we were vegan or meat-eaters, which was hugely accommodating to me as a vegetarian and it was a refreshingly simple way of doing things. Sipping cocktails in our booth at the back of Ffresh bar at WMC, we eagerly awaited the entertainment.

Wales Millennium Centre Ffresh Bar and Kitchen
Photo taken from WMC website

Four musicians soon appeared, with one taking to the piano, and our night of musical theatre entertainment began. The opening song I didn’t recognise (it was “Anthem” from Chess) and I was worried that I wouldn’t recognise the rest of the set list. However, the song choices were perfect as I knew nearly every song, and my family knew most!

With an array of Kinky Boots, Wicked, Les Misérables, Waitress, The Bridges of Madison County, Miss Saigon, Little Shop of Horrors and more, the song choices were perfect for a range of audiences, including some well-known classics, as well as the modern lesser known numbers.

The talent in the room was huge with all three of the singers having musical theatre backgrounds and accreditation, and David George Harrington on the piano. The line-up of singers included Vikki Bebb (Tiger Bay the Musical), Steffan Rhys Hughes (member of Only Men Aloud), and Tom Hier (Miss Saigon) and I was truly blown away – so much so that Tom Hier’s rendition of It All Fades Away from The Bridges of Madison County literally brought me to tears, and the trio to close the night – Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors left me and my family with goose-bumps!

Interspersed between the singing came our course of food, which was three small plates. There wasn’t a choice at what food you got, apart from the initial vegan or meat question, but all three of the vegan dishes were delicious (and my meat-eating family agreed!) Before the end of the night we also had a dessert cocktail and I have no idea what it was but it was good.

To get all of this in one set price was great value and hugely convenient. It made for a great family night out with good food and even better musical theatre entertainment; you can’t go wrong!

Saturday Supper Clwb is playing at Wales Millennium Centre every Saturday night until October, with different cabaret nights including drag, burlesque and comedy. Tickets are £30.


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