Rise Up: Cut the Cord

With a focus on bringing new Nordic plays to the UK, promoting inner-cultural collaborations and championing international voices, Cut the Cord are a theatre company that likes to explore current issues that are challenging and important.

Their name was born from the idea of detaching yourself from your comfort zone, expectations and what feels “safe” and launching into something new, as you do when you cut the umbilical cord at birth.

Cut the Cord are also interested in looking at things from a different perspective, magic realism and all the big questions. They say:

we wanted to challenge how theatre and social change are connected

Cut the Cord have produced four plays so far.

Firstly, was Kinder K by Kristofer Grønskag. The play was about screening and what makes a life worthy of living at the Bunker. Through this play, the team learned how empowering a debate can be, as this question session opened up important questions with the audience and allowed them to invest in the moral dilemma of the production.

Kinder K by Cut the Cord

Next up was Beyond the Blue written by 5-7 year-olds at Omnibus Youth Theatre. It was a play about the refugee crisis through the eyes of children and this taught Cut the Cord that social engagement can be very direct and powerful in theatre.

Cut the Cord’s third show was Endless Second by Theo Toksvig-Stewart, about consent within a relationship and finally was I Run by Line Mørkeby about a dad whose daughter dies of cancer and he begins running to deal with his grief.

Endless Second by Cut the Cord

These final two plays taught the company how to reach and speak to different audiences and how to talk about challenging themes in their own defined style.

I Run had audiences crying together, laughing together, and discussing the themes together, and this has been the highlight in Cut the Cord’s career. It was a moment where the team knew they had crated something truly special and that audiences would carry the show the and the follow-up questions with them for a long time.

I Run by Cut the Cord

Both I Run and Endless Challenge will play at the Edinburgh Finge this summer from 31 July – 26 August at Pleasance Below 15:20.

This is the first time Cut the Cord will be at Edinburgh and they are so excited to connect with emerging artists and reach wider audiences.

Cut the Cord are also curating a Nordic Theatre Festival in March 2020, so the team are hoping to have spread the interest of Nordic work before it opens, and they hope to also start running some workshops and Nordic network events.

Cut the Cord have definitely learned that there is an interest and fascination with nording plays, especially in its writing form and rhythm and how directly the plays tackle social issues. However, no one really knows how to find them, which is why Cut the Cord is presenting this festival to hopefully bring this amazing work to new audiences.

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “Frantic Assembly, Ned Bennett, Complicite, The Gate Theatre”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen?Pomona by Alistair McDowell, directed by ned Bennett at the Orange Tree”
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “expressionism / magic realism – something that is relevant to the world but also explores it imaginatively through a different lens”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “more international voices and more focus on how theatre can create positive social change”

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