Rise Up: Soft Pedal Collective

Soft Pedal Collective is a company that pushes politically motivated work and was formed by three women in their second year at college. Between Beckie Granger, Lilly Jordan and Natalie Patuzzo, Soft Pedal Collective has become a company who make theatre that was written, directed and created by women.

Making art was a key core value that all three women in the company share, which inspired the formation of the company. The three noticed that work curated wholly by women was rare, and that was what they wanted to change and challenge.

Credit: Lottie Wood

Their joint love for comedy, and combination of comedy with darker themes, are prominent in Soft Pedal Collective’s newest work. The concept of their work is to take serious issues that aren’t always talked about in society, and mix these concepts with satire and musical comedy to create truthful and relatable performances.

The Hoe-ly Trinity is a series of three solo shows which was performed for the first time at The Waitress Club Festival at Austra Café, and will be appearing again at Guildford Fringe in July! When Soft Pedal Collective first presented their debut work to the world, they were met with generous feedback and they “had the best time performing alongside other emerging female-led theatre companies”.

A highlight from Lilly from Soft Pedal Collective was:

the reaction of how ‘important’ this work felt to be put into the world right now, more than just appreciation of the effort and brilliant result we have had in the show, the reaction from the audience to ask us to continue together and continue spreading our work now and in the future felt the best.

The fact that the company is led by “all female clowns” makes them truly unique, giving them the ability to laugh at and support each other’s work, even when discussing difficult topics about human, and more specifically female, issues.

Through their shows, Soft Pedal Collective makes audiences laugh, cry and then laugh again, “which is very difficult to do safely”, says Natalie from the company. “We have created a place where everyone can experience emotion”, she says.

Overtime, the women want to develop their solo shows into full hour length shows in their own right, but if you want to catch The Hoe-ly Trinity as the show is now, you can see it in July at the Guildford Fringe!

Soft Pedal Collective is a company made up of Beckie Granger, Lilly Jordan and Natalie Patuzzo.

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “Bryony Kimmings”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen? Natalie: “Garry Starr Performs Everything”, Beckie: “The Play That Goes Wrong”, Lilly: “Bryonny Kimmings – I’m a Phoenix Bitch
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? Natalie: “physical comedy, but I also really enjoy immersive theatre”, Beckie “a well written comic or improvised fringe show”, Lilly: “physical comedy, however I have a weakness for what I call ‘Beautiful Theatre’ or highly stylized physical theatre”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? Unanimous: “FUNNY WOMEN”

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