Rise Up: Faux Fox Theatre

Faux Fox Theatre was formed by three young Northeners; two of whom are actors, and one being a sound/tech musician. Oli and Beth love performing, with Beth having particular skills in performing comedy and writing plays, prose and spoken word, and Django is described as “a sound-wizard with a long history of all-things music”. Between the three of them, they felt their unique skills could be combined to create something different.

Ultimately for Faux Fox they:

Wanted to create a theatre-experience that reflected the things we loved.

Poetry in Motion, therefore, is a combination of “sound fx, music and poetry”

Using out poetic text and our expert sound design, we create cinematic, charismatic and wonderfully dramatic experiences.

This idea is definitely hugely unique, and not only do they know the concept works, they can prove it.

The company was only formed last year and has really taken off since. Their first full-length play Poetry in Motion started in October 2018 and was a huge hit. After trying out the first 20 minutes at new writing nights and receiving incredible reactions from the audience, Beth adapted the show into an hour-long piece, and two weeks before opening it in the Six Plays One Day project run by Stephen Smith, they were sold out.

After this incredible experience, Faux Fox were offered the opportunity to partake in the London Pub Theatre Festival, just two months after performing in the Six Plays One Day project.

Throughout the process, Faux Fox truly learnt the importance of a decent rehearsal space and how new ideas can come from new environments. They are also savvy in their social media work to advertise their show, and their ‘moving pictures’ and posts on social media were engaging for people to want to delve further into it.

From rehearsing in the living room to hiring a rehearsal space, the highlight of this journey for Faux Fox was when they were able to get a room of creatives together to workshop their next piece.

Now that they know Poetry in Motion can and will be a success, they want to aim bigger and better. Faux Fox are now using the money they have earned from previous successes to add layers to their already hugely popular show, including projection and animation.

Faux Fox truly believe that poetry and rhyme resonates deeply with a theatre audience, and rhyme creates a very visceral connection with audiences.

Poetry in Motion is coming to a theatre near you! Faux Fox are currently in the process of planning a small UK tour, with a final few performances in London. They are bringing the show to regional theatres they know and love, and they are hugely excited to meet new people, see new faces and experience new audience reactions.

We just want to continue to aim high and make theatre experiences something truly unique and absorbing for our audiences.

Faux Fox Theatre

Faux Fox have already started workshopping their second project with a larger cast and crew and in a year’s time they want to be in a position where they can offer people opportunities to be involved with their “prose-filled plays”.

“Faux Fox Theatre is all about finding the heart in the
Also, our shows rhyme.
We find that combined with the right playwright
And a tight cast,
We create an experience that is engaging,
Fast paced
And laced with something that flies off the page
And ignites the stage”

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “We love Mischief Theatre”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen? “For Beth it’s The Play that Goes Wrong. For Olie it’s Six. Django loves Follies and Cabaret
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “Comedy”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “Funny. Female. Characters. The only reason any of our pieces work is because underneath the prose and FX and the music, lies true-to life, hilarious characters…Gender is irrelevant.”

Faux Fox Theatre Twitter
Faux Fox Theatre Instagram

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