Rise Up: Calenta Theatre

“Calenta” is a Valencian word which cannot be directly translated into English, but loosely means “electric heat”. Inspired by this, theatre company Calenta aim to create theatre with a spark and instils a reaction in their audiences.

Alice and Phill behind Calenta Theatre set up their company in September 2017, and have since introduced their movement director Jazz Brown, Costume Director Annie He and many associates to support their work.

Alice says Calenta Theatre was formed because:

we found in each other someone to explore and tell stories with, and we started Calenta as a vessel to carry and communicate those stories.


Regarding what goes on behind the scenes at Calenta, Phill says:

Our ideas on performance practices blend what we consider the three main areas of performance to be, and this is how we go about creating.


The pair have said that what makes their company unique is them and the people they are associated with. They describe Calenta as a fusion of the two of them, and this collaboration with the minds behind the company, and their associates, is what makes them who they are.

This unique story-telling based company have proven themselves successful, with their run of original show ALEXA being one of the 20 shows in the Camden Fringe to receive a five-star review last year.

The production of ALEXA was entirely new, and was a new experience to Alice and Phill too. From writing the score for the show to filming story-boards, building set to marketing the show, and assembling everything together, ALEXA was their “first baby”, and what a success it was. Reaching 90% capacity over their whole run at the Hen & Chickens, this was a real starting point for the team to confirm their ability and their passion for what they are doing.

And it doesn’t stop there for Calenta. The team are currently working on writing seven theatre shows, two TV series, a feature film, and a couple of other ideas in the works. All of these projects tell “a variety of completely different but equally compelling stories”, and this is why Calenta are so excited about them! In a year’s time, they hope to have completed some of these new projects, so keep your eye out for them!

We have a plan for the future, but everything is looking in the right direction for us at the moment, so we are both quite content to see where it lands first


Calenta Theatre is made up of a large number of associates, and these include Max Curtis, Filippo Panigazzi, Lily Catalifo, Joaquin Thomas, Claudia Marciano, Will Townsend, Sam Cornforth, Fiona Carson, Bardh Azemi, Ben Paris & Sydney Price. As well as having amazing support from James Neale (Olde Sole), Will Pinchin (Grafted Cede/ Arrows & Traps), Stephen Sobal (All in) and Meisha Kelly (Beresford Management). 

Quick-Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “so many things and people inspire me on the daily and in so many different ways” – Alice
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen? “it would have to be The 39 Steps
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “The absurd & the surreal”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “Funding” – Phill and “Opportunity” – Alice

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