Rise Up: DK Delight Productions

DK Delight Productions is a one-man company formed by Derek Murphy earlier in 2019. Derek’s life has always been completely enveloped by the Arts, so he wanted to use both his experience in the industry, as well as his love and passion for it to promote not only his own work, but the works of countless others of talented people.

The name for DK Delight came from a conversation between Derek and his partner, who as a Drag Queen goes by the name Orla Nothin’, and DK Delight was born. It stands for being “sassy, classy and fabulous. It’s a delight!”

After working as a professional actor in multiple mediums include stage, television, film and radio, he wanted to take his career into his own hands. He found that as an actor he had little freedom to perform in shows he really wanted to be a part of, and he wanted more control over what to work in and what to put out into the world.

The aim of DK Delight is to be an artistic hub and not just focus on one aspect of the arts. “I want to produce theatre, web-series, films, podcasts etc. and try to develop several different avenues.”, says Derek.

The arts as we all know can be a very difficult industry, I feel having many strings to your bow is always the best way forward.

DK Delight
DK Delight: Delight Night

Collaborating with Zarima McDermott, DK Delight are currently producing a new writers night called Delight Night, which will be in June at the Abacus Arts Studio in Elephant and Castle.

When DK Delight first put out the call for submissions and the response they had was he. Not only was this the highlight for the company in its early days of being active, it also showed how much new talent is out there and how willing people are to get involved in something new.

Delight Night is something that so many new writers should be excited about. It was curated because DK Delight have founded that there are so many actors and writers who have written some amazing work but don’t know what the next steps are to take it further. They believe that by giving these artists a platform to showcase their work, this is the most supportive and positive thing you can do in the arts. The aim is to:

Develop it and show the world.

Quick-Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “so many different people in the theatre world”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen?Noises Off
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “All sorts, all kinds, all shapes and all sizes”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “more access to theatre for everyone. It truly is an art form where there is something for everyone”

DK Delight Productions Twitter

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