Rise Up: Joshua Dean Perry

Joshua Dean Perry studied drama and musical theatre in Australia and has produced his first one-man show Crabmeat. He studied drama and musical theatre in Australia whilst simultaneously auditioning for shows, and creating art in various mediums.

Joshua Dean Perry

Joshua has dabbled in web series, specialising in comedy and performing before coming back to theatre.

His show Crabmeat explores the idea of minority stress. Minority stress is the accumulation of minor stressors experienced by people in minority groups. These minority stresses can build up and specifically for LGBTQ+ people are thought to be the cause of high levels of anxiety, substance abuse, depression, stunted emotional development and suicide.

Crabmeat is a show which melded these things together with the goal of producing theatre that is funny, as well as being something that can touch a lot of people.

Joshua hopes that people come to see the show so they can find elements within it that they relate to and feel like their experience is a shared one.

I hope that people can get to know my work and the show can live on.

Joshua Dean Perry

Crabmeat has already been a huge success for Joshua. The Evening Standard’s Es London Magazine named it as one of its “Top 15 Picks to See” at the Camden Fringe when it premiered there in 2018. Finishing the run last year was Joshua’s greatest career achievement to date, where everything all came together and he was able to give his most relaxed and honest performance to date.

Finishing the run felt like a great accomplishment

Joshua Dean Perry

Joshua hopes to be able to take Crabmeat to Edinburgh next year and potentially even turn it into a TV show. He already has the first script for an episode already drafted, so look out for his crowd fund to support this amazing work!

The show is unique in so many ways. Yes, there is a talking crab, but Crabmeat also talks to people in ao many different ways and it speaks to specific experiences. Joshua says that “growing up queer…there are universal themes which everyone can relate to.”

It also blends narrative theatre with stand-up, storytelling and animation, which is pretty special

Joshua Dean Perry

Crabmeat will be playing at The Brighton Fringe, The Warren: The Bunker from 16 – 19 May. If you see the show, make sure to say hello afterwards!

Quick-Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “the people who make work about real people”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen? “if I’m being honest and true to my geeky self, it was Spider-man Turn Off the Dark, the ill-fated Broadway musical”
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “my heart will always be with musicals”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “Diversity, access and affordability”

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