Rise Up: Laughing Mirror

The name “Laughing Mirror” for this new comedy-theatre company came from artistic director Chad Porter’s favourite line from his favourite play “You’re laughing at the mirror, so what’s funny about that?”.

In January 2017, Chad Porter put together Laughing Mirror’s debut original show, Guy Fawkes It Up!, and since then the company has become a company of twelve creatives who have had a small arsenal of successful Fringe shows.

Over the last two years, Laughing Mirror has put on six productions including three sell-out Edinburgh Fringe shows under the titles Guy Fawkes It Up! and Framed (written by Chad Porter & James Darby), and Good Vibes Only (written by Charlotte McEvoy), and a critically acclaimed Brighton Fringe show: White Girls (written by Madeleine Accalia).

As a company, Laughing Mirror was formed with the intention of playing with a classic form of comedy and bringing these shows up-to-date for modern audiences through slick, energetic and humorous takes on real-life topics. They aim to create theatre that challenges audiences to both reflect on and laugh at the ridiculous aspects of humanity and society.

Through their already successful shows, Laughing Mirror hopes to reach larger audiences and form relationships with other companies and theatres. After having worked on their previous shows in the Edinburgh Fringe, Laughing Mirror claim that “commitment to publicity” is crucial. They say:

no matter how good the show is, it’s easy to get overlooked when there’s so much out there…

Laughing Mirror definitely know how to put on a show at the Fringe, as they had an “amazing reaction to [their] debut show”, Guy Fawkes It Up!, where they were so successful that they got sent fan art after the show.

Laughing Mirror performing Guy Fawkes It Up! at the Edinburgh Fringe

Laughing Mirror is currently working on its brand-new comedy Defective Inspector. Unlike its previous productions, Defective Inspector delves into a darker, more adult form of comedy, as opposed to more family-oriented shows.

Defective Inspector follows an eccentric delusional ex-detective called Richard P. Cooper and his brief American Odyssey as an English Detective working in the US.

Richard manically guides the audience through this twisting tale of (unconvincing) romance, (under-rehearsed) action and (tenuous) espionage, as he finds himself neck-deep in assassination plots and three-legged dogs.

Laughing Mirror hopes the show will “bring the company’s signature style of high-energy, multi-rolling farce into a brand new production that takes it to new comedic heights and challenges.”

The show Defective Inspector will be playing at the Brighton Fringe from 28th – 30th May 2019 in The Warren: The Nest.

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “undoubtedly Mischief Theatre Company”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen?Noises Off…at The Old Vic”
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “It’s got to be comedy”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “for it to be more accessible”

Don’t forget to catch Laughing Mirror at the Brighton Fringe this year with a show that is “sure to delight and baffle in equal measure” at the end of May!

Laughing Mirror is a company made up of Madeleine Accalia, Teresa Baron, Harrison Cole, Vice-Artistic Director James Darby, Daniel Hemsley, Anna Hodgson, Katy McEntee, Pete Rapp, Holly Richards, Toby Skelton and Adam Whitehead.

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