Rise Up: One-Eared Dog Productions

One-Eared Dog Productions (a name inspired by one of the founding team’s rescue dog with one ear) is a company formed a few years ago by two women who were frustrated with the lack of female representation in existing creative works. Carli Fish and Hannah Robinson are both actresses and writers, with Hannah also being a fantastic singer/songwriter, and after being bored with being the same stereotypical female roles and negative experiences, they created a company that would let them take their careers into their own hands by creating new work.

Their show Have You Heard About Guy? is about to play at the Brighton Fringe, The Warren: The Nest in Victoria Gardens from 15 – 19 May. The show was in fact born from Carli and Hannah’s conversations about their frustrations of existing female characters in available works, and One-Eared Dog’s debut play follows the highs and lows of two struggling actresses. The comedy compares the two women’s struggles against the inexplicable success of their white male middle class drama school peer, Guy.

As well as promoting their incredible new work, One-Eared Dog Productions are also keen to continue to shine a light on the way actresses are still being treated. The women praise the work that has already been achieved through the #MeToo movement, and through organisations such as ERA 50:50 and Bechdel Theatre. However, roles still exist for women in the creative industries such as “naked girl”, “girlfriend” and “30 but still attractive”. Carli and Hannah say:

there’s a lot more that can be done – including commissioning women to write about women. We think highlighting this through comedy is the best way to feminism

Have You Heard About Guy? has already previewed at the Forest Forge Theatre in Hampshire and at Katzpace in London Bridge, where the two women were able to develop the play, after learning what worked and didn’t work, and what resonated with audiences.

As well as learning from the opening of their show, Hannah and Carli’s highlight of their career in One-Eared Dog Productions so far was the first time they heard the audience laughing, especially after weeks of rehearsals. They say:

There was a very brief moment, after the first big laugh, where we looked at each other in surprise and had to stop ourselves from celebrating on stage.

Although One-Eared Dog Productions are immensely excited to take their show to the Brighton Fringe, both the minds behind the company have ideas for some new plays that are very different from Have You Heard About Guy?, and they are looking forward to exploring new areas.

Buy tickets for Have You Heard About Guy? here!

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “we are the world’s biggest DryWrite fans”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen? “People, Places & Things…everything about it sort of burned into your memory”
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “we love female-driven comedy drama!”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “untold stories about women…women throughout history who have been forgotten”

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