Rise Up: Smashing Mirrors Theatre

Smashing Mirrors Theatre is a theatre company based in East Yorkshire that was formed in 2017 by Elizabeth Groder to take a show to the Edinburgh Fringe. The name for the company was inspired by a poem from Lord Alfred Tennyson, and since opening in 2017, the company has continued to grow.

Now, just two years after launching, Smashing Mirrors is a full-scale operation that creates small-scale new mini musicals. Smashing Mirrors aims to grow their company and continue making new work.

In the first two weeks of May, Smashing Mirrors will be putting on their production of new mini-musical Three Emos. With their highlight in their career so far being performing of Three Emos to a sold-out show at Harrogate Theatre, the team are equally excited (and stressed) about bringing the show on tour to Doncaster, Hereford, Greenwich, Wakefield and Oldham.

Three Emos is a goth-rock musical about dementia. Elizabeth from Smashing Mirrors has said:

we’ve got lots of young people coming to see the show at most venues which is just brilliant to raise dementia-awareness.

Elizabeth Groder

Smashing Mirrors Theatre also has another show in its research and development stages. The Remarkable Tale of Dorothy Mackaill is a very different type of production to Three Emos. The show is set in the 1920s, and tells the story of a girl who made it in Hollywood in the silent movie era.

The Remarkable Tale of Dorothy Mackaill will be playing at Hull New Theatre at the beginning of June.

Since beginning as a company, Elizabeth has said that the four main things she has learn are:

  1. Be prepared for anything
  2. Green lipstick is hard to find
  3. Don’t over-complicate your lighting plan
  4. Have fun!

She also says that people often just relate musicals to huge shows in the West End but forget that at the heart of a musical is “just another storytelling medium”. What makes Smashing Mirrors Theatre unique, then, is its commitment to musical theatre as a smaller performance group.

Production of Three Emos

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “That’s a difficult one. Come back to me…”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen? “Probably Hamilton, I’m obsessed with it. Musical Theatre perfection”
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “Musical theatre”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “more stories about normal people – things that reflect society today!”

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