Rise Up: Fluffy TOP Productions

Meet husband and wife duo, Emily Clare and Pete Moody, who have founded and continue to run theatre company Fluffy TOP Productions. The name of the company was inspired by their five-year-old son, Tommy, who apparently has gorgeous fluffy curly hair!

After Emily had been an actor for years, she felt the strong pull to start producing her own work, and teaming up with singer, musician and vocal coach (and husband) Pete, made for the perfect combination.

Existing shows that Fluffy TOP Productions have done include Rodger and Hammerstein’s I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change – which sold out and received 5* ratings across the board, The Musicals Songbook and DIVAS From Broadway and Beyond – two concerts which also received incredible feedback.

Through a natural progression, the brand-new musical PARENTHOOD was born. The show previewed in Kent in November 2018 and the pair are thrilled to be taking the show to the West End on 3rd May. With tickets from £15 and performed in association with Iris Theatre, PARENTHOOD will be at The Actor’s Church (St. Paul’s Church) in Covent Garden.

One of the biggest things the pair have learnt is the ability to wear multiple hats, to be committed and dedicated to achieve success in the industry, and you need to learn as you go. They say:

we are only two years into our company, but taking a show to the West End is such a massive reward.

Emily Clare

And this isn’t the only reward Fluffy TOP Productions have received. Upon opening PARENTHOOD for the first time in 2016, the audience respond was “such a highlight”, they say. “We could hear the audience laughing out loud from the beginning and as a company, it was the best feeling!”

Fluffy TOP Productions are hoping to have PARENTHOOD recognised as a show, not only to demonstrate the hard work, sweat and tears that went into it, but also to prove that the “little guys” of British theatre can be unstoppable.

PARENTHOOD is a musical made up of the main actors: Heather Broderick, Jordan Brown, Elizabeth Cachia, Emily Clare, Jordan-David Copping, Ben Gaston, Bruce Hanson, Naomi Jones and Katie Rayner

Fluffy TOP Productions aren’t planning on just stopping here. As a husband and wife duo, Emily and Pete are “kick-ass at producing new shows and new writing” so they hope to reveal and have some new projects underway by 2020.

Quick Fire Questions

  • In the theatre world, who inspires you? “every single person who is out there doing it for themselves”
  • What is your favourite show that you’ve seen?Avenue Q
  • What is your favourite genre of theatre? “any theatre that is creative”
  • What do you think we need more of in theatre? “new original shows…an increase in the platforms available for new writers…more funding”

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