Rise Up: An Introduction

Rise Up is a new segment OneWomanWestEndShow is starting…keep your eyes peeled for the first post!

Rise Up will be a series of promoting small, new, upcoming and emerging theatre companies from all around the UK. Rise Up will be a platform for these theatre companies to step out into a spotlight and promote their existing and upcoming work. The name Rise Up was inspired by the lyric from Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s hit musical Hamilton, and I think perfectly describes what this segment is all about: pushing smaller emerging theatre companies into the spotlight for them to shine.

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the possibility of the loss of British Theatre, and what I hope to achieve with this segment is the promotion of new British Theatre.

The theatre industry can often be hugely competitive, especially within the big industries, so I thought a great thing to do would be to bring some new companies to light, and give them all the chance to showcase the brilliant work they are doing.

So watch this space as some amazing companies will be coming to OneWomanWestEndShow to RISE UP…

If you have an emerging theatre company you want to promote, or know of any, please do get in touch via my contact page. I’d love to hear from you and will do my best to help all companies who want a platform to promote their work!

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