10 Gift Ideas for the Theatre-Lover in your Life

With 10 days to go before Christmas you might be struggling for ideas on what to get the thespian in your life.

So here’s a super helpful list of presents you can easily and quickly buy that will mean so much and your theatre-lover will adore.

1 – Tickets for a show

Now this is probably a pretty obvious one. If you know a show they’re dying to see, a show they love, or if they’re a fan of theatre in general, any tickets to a show would likely be appreciated! It’s probably worth knowing if they prefer plays or musicals and potentially different genres to make sure they like the gift! This doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds either. There are loads of ways to get cheap theatre tickets in London, as well as supporting local theatres (which are often cheaper than London) or panto! 

If you do want to make it a bit more glamorous though, there are ways to do this! Sites such as LOVEtheatre offer deals for dinner and a show in one package!

2 – Theatre vouchers

Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident in choosing the show, tickets and price range yourself, theatre vouchers are a great way to show the theatre-lover in your life that you care. You can buy theatre vouchers from sites such as Theatre Tokens, ATG and probably your local theatre too!

3 – Official Theatre Merchandise

What I mean here is official playbills/programmes, cast recordings, t-shirts, mugs and more than you can get often from the theatre itself or from the theatre’s online store. 

4 – Theatre Books

There are so many of these to choose from! From theatre star auto-biographies to books by West End Producer, the Hamiltome or audition technique books, The Lives and Letters of the National Theatre or books on theatre and feminism, there is definitely a theatre book out there that your theatre-lover will want to read. Recently released, also, is the Dear Evan Hansen novel which is a guaranteed hit!

5 – Other Theatre Home-ware and Apparel

Alternatively, a great suggestion is to have a look a bit outside the box for other non-official merchandise. You wouldn’t believe the amount of home-ware gifts that are now available for theatre fans. Ranging from mugs to coasters, shot glasses to theatre prints, pillows, blankets and more, there is something for everyone out there that you wouldn’t find in the box office!

Etsy is definitely one of my favourite places to go for this. The options are endless and you can usually find a gift for a specific favourite show or just “Broadway” in general! You also help support local and friendly personal businesses when shopping via Etsy and what better time of year to support small businesses? RedBubble also has some amazing designs which are not the official branding for the show but often more personalised and unique.

One of my favourites is this theatre blanket which I just absolutely adore and wish I had the money for!!

6 – A Backstage Tour

I don’t have too much knowledge on this one but I do know they are available. With the Delfont Mackintosh Membership, this grants access to backstage tours. Local theatres are also likely to include them, such as ATG theatres. It’s definitely worth checking the website for your local theatre to see what packages they offer! 

What better way for a theatre-lover to get fully emersed into musical theatre than a backstage tour allowing them to see the dressing rooms, stages and more?! A great gift.

Backstage tour at Wales Millennium Centre, image taken from their website

7 – Anything from the Broadway Flea Market

On a website called Bidding for Good, in associated with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Broadway shows offer up amazing gifts and unique apparel where all the money from what you purchase goes to charity. Gifts can include, for example, the cast used in Dear Evan Hansen signed by Ben Platt and the original Broadway cast, or the opportunity to conduct Phantom of the Opera for an evening. There are also opportunities to join the cast of stage for a performance?!

Yes, these are very pricey but if you have the money, it goes towards a great cause, and I think any theatre-fan would die of happiness if they knew they’d be on stage with their favourite performers in their favourite show. 

8 – A Set of Sharpies

Definitely cheaper than the previous suggestion but a great gift for those of us who love to go to the stage door after a show!

I can’t tell you how many sharpies I now own because I lose them, they run out or I forget to take them with me to a show! Always super handy to have spares! These can be bought from any stationary shop and I would recommend buying the thick ink pens rather than the thin ones – the signatures show up better!

9 – A Playbill Binder

If you live and see shows in the US, rather than the UK, you get Playbills rather than programmes. And what are you meant to do with all of these?! Well, Amazon sells great little binders for you to store all your beloved Playbills nicely and safely. 

This won’t work for your UK theatre fan as programmes aren’t all the same size but I’m desperate for the UK to bring something out for us to store our merch in!!!

10 – A Subscription to The Stage or Other Memberships

For those who might not know, The Stage is a great theatre news outlet that requires subscriptions to read their content. Subscriptions for Christmas start from £12 allowing you to read all their amazing content.

Other theatre memberships include Delfont Mackintosh, ATG, and WhatsOnStage Theatre Club to name a few big ones, and as said before, your local theatre will probably offer their own form of membership also!


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