Top Theatre Songs For When You’re Having a Bad Day

Okay so I get that when you’re having a bad day, some days you wish you could perk up and some other days you just want to be sad and have a good cry – I get that. SO I’ve been super duper helpful and split the recommended songs into two categories: 1 to help you perk up and give you that all-needed motivation and 1 to help you wallow in your own sadness…we’ve all been there…no judgements here…

Motivational Songs for When you Want to Perk Up

Legally Blonde (remix) (Legally Blonde)


In all honesty, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t achieve when this song comes on. Elle Woods knows who she is and what she can do, and don’t you think you’re anything less. You go, and you do this hunny!

You Can’t Stop the Beat (Hairspray)

Don’t let anyone be stopping your mojo!! Not when this beat is on! Nothing’s gonna get you down, so get on ya dancing shoes and get going.

Welcome to the Rock (Come from Away)


If this tune won’t get your feet tapping and your head bopping, then I really don’t know what will. Come on all you Islanders, you got this!

All That Jazz (Chicago)

Right, now it’s time to bust out your powerful and sassy side and make sure that nothing today is gonna beat you. Paint the town and knock down those walls blocking your way!

Non-Stop (Hamilton)


Now I know nothing’s going to stop you when you hear this super long motivational song about how you’re not gonna stop reaching for your goals. You’re basically the next Alexander Hamilton. You can do it!

Skid Row (Little Shop of Horrors)

Okay, you might think this is a weird suggestion but TRUST ME, your sad mood has got nothing on these soulful voices and powerful beats.

King of New York (Newsies)

Look at you, YOU’RE the king of New York! Get those dancing shoes on and make this your best day yet!


Electricity (Billy Elliot)

The perfect pick-me-up song that starts out soft and quiet before getting into that key change and dance break. Nothing better than a key change to get you going again! Be like Billy and chase your dreams!

Fabulous, Baby! (Sister Act)

You, you’re fabulous baby! Hun, don’t make me come over there and remind you how Ms Deloris van Cartier would give you an ass whoopin to cheer you up. You’re fabulous!

I Believe (The Book of Mormon)


I believe that you can do this. So do God and Jesus and don’t forget you’re gonna get your own island. I guarantee you that no one is going to put you back in that good mood you deserve more than a Mormon singing to an African War Lord.

Sad Songs for When You Just Want to be Sad

I’m Still Hurting (The Last Five Years)


Okay so Cathy has just been dumped and she doesn’t understand why. We’ve all been there. Get the tissues ready ladies and gents, you’re going to need them.

Words Fail (Dear Evan Hansen)

Now, nothing says tear-jerker more than a teenage boy with anxiety explaining how he tried to do best by a family whose son had just committed suicide. Cry, cry away.

It’s Quiet Uptown (Hamilton)

Another song about a dead son, that’ll definitely give you a good old cry.


Days and Days (Fun Home)

A song about a wife whose husband is gay, which she’s known for a while, singing about how her life and family has fallen to pieces over time? Yeah that’ll do it.

Alabanza (In the Heights)

Another Lin-Manuel Miranda tear-jerker to allow you to wallow and be as sad and miserable as you please. Singing about the death of a woman who was a grandmother of a whole community will really pull at your heart strings.

With You (Ghost)

Does this one really need an explanation? Molly singing about the death of the love of her life really is what you want to hear if you want to be sad.

I’ll Cover You (Reprise) (RENT)

Please don’t get me started on this song or I’m never gonna stop being sad. Just listen to it.

What I Did for Love (A Chorus Line)

If you’re not already crying, by the time that key change and those harmonies hit, you’re gonna be.

Pretty Funny (DogFight)


Girl gets told she’s the ugliest at a party and the guy who brought her wins money for that. I give you permission to be sad.

Epilogue (Les Miserables)

Not sure this one needs an explanation when the translation of the show literally means “the miserable people” but here we go…dying father tells daughter the truth of her upbringing and how much he loves her before he dies.


So I hope this has helped you either cheer up or be really sad and I hope you have a lovely (or miserable) evening!

Let me know in the comments what songs you listen to on a bad day and it you’re a cheer up or stay down kind of person!

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