Theatre This or That!

After my last post being quite in depth tackling some social issues, I thought I’d lighten the mood with a slight get to know me theatre “this or that” that I found on tumblr!

Masks with the theatre concept

1. Pronunciation: Re-prize or Re-prease? – Re-prize

2. Battle of the heartthrobs: Jeremy Jordan or Aaron Tveit? – Jeremy Jordan forever

3. Fiyero/Glinda or Fiyero/Elphaba? – Fiyero/Elphaba

4. Host of the Tonys: Neil Patrick Harris or Hugh Jackman – Neil Patrick Harris, I mean his songs are amazing

5. Plays or Musicals? – Musicals. Everyday.

6. RENT: I’ll Cover You or I’ll Cover You (Reprise)? – I’ll Cover You, aw this song

7. Best Musical of 2012: Once or Newsies? – Newsies

8. RENT the movie or Chicago the movie? – R E N T

9. Velma Kelly or Roxie Hart? – Velma Kelly yassss slay girl

10. Gabe or Natalie Goodman? – Natalie Goodman

11. or –

12. Would you rather work with – costumes or makeup? – Costumes, they’re just all so beautiful and intricate and ah

13. Wicked [the musical] or the Wizard of Oz [stage production]? – Wicked the musical 100% EVERY TIME

14. Tony Awards or Drama Desk Awards? – Tonys!!!!!

15. Who’s better for Christine? – The Phantom or Raoul? – Raoul

16. A Light in the Dark or Light [Next to Normal]? – Light [Next to Normal]

17. Bernadette Peters or Patti LuPone? – PATTI LUPONE

18. J. Pierrepont Finch (H2$): Daniel Radcliffe, Darren Criss or Nick Jonas? – Darren Criss

19. Smash or Glee? – Glee

20. Melchior Gabor: Jonathan Groff, Jake Epstein, or Hunter Parrish? – Jonathon Groff

21. Mimi/Roger or Collins/Angel? – Collins/Angel

22. Musicality: Classic theatre show tunes or rock musicals? – Classic theatre show tunes

23. Singing in the Rain or On the Town? – Singing in the rein

24. On the Town [stage production] or On the Town [film version starring Gene Kelly]? – filmmmmmm because Gene 😍😍

25. Hairspray film adaptions: 1988 or 2007? – 2007 fo sure

26. Grease or Grease 2? – Grease!!

27. Totally Fucked or La Vie Boheme? – Wow so many RENT questions in this thing, La Vie Boheme yes please

28. Overplayed/Overrated songs: Defying Gravity [Wicked] or Tomorrow [Annie]? – Defyyyyyying Graaaaavity

29. Lea Michele: Broadway or television? – Television

30. Eponine or Cosette? – Eponine purely because I can sing her songs much easier 

31. Hello Dolly or Kiss Me Kate? – Kiss Me Kate

32. West Side Story: Jets or the Sharks? – The Sharks and DON’T GET ME STARTED AS TO WHY

33. Sound of Music: stage production or film adaption? – Film!!!! Julie Andrews!!!!

34. Legally Blonde the Musical or movie? – Musical omg it’s so much better and funnier

35. Audrey or Audrey II? (Little Shop of Horrors) – Audrey 2 cause Audrey Audrey is a bit annoying and Audrey II has sassy songs

36. Would you rather: have one big solo or lots of lines? – One big solo omg I am the star

37. On or backstage? – On because I am the star

38. Eugene O’Neill or the Richard Rogers theatre? – Richard Rogers

39. Phantom of the Opera or Love Never Dies? – Phantom!!!

40. Would you rather be: stage manager or assistant stage manager? – Stage Manager

41. Tony Awards opening: 2011 or 2012? – 2012!!

42. Tony Awards closing: 2011 or 2012? – 2011

43. New York or London theatre? – LONDON ITS MY HOME

44. West Side Story: film or stage version? – stage

45. Reno Sweeney: Patti LuPone or Sutton Foster? – PATTI LUPONE

6.Link Larkin/Tracy Turnblad or Link Larkin/Amber Von Tussel? – Link Larkin/Amber Von Tussel (Tracy can do better)

47. One Day More or Who Am I? – ODM ofc

48. Alabanza [In the Heights] or Will I [Rent]? – Alabanza makes me so emosh

49.Physical CDs or iTunes of a cast recording album? – Physical cd OMG

50. Angela Lansbury or Julie Andrews? – Julie Andrews QUEEN


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  1. Interesting questions on this. Being a musical theatre fan, some I knew what I would said. I am a musical fan over a play fan. Musicals are just more enjoyable to watch due to songs, dance, and spectacle. There is so much to say about my love for musicals


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